Larry Briggs has captured the essence of leadership in a simple, easy read that will ring true to anyone who has been a leader. He uses great examples to make his points. One of the many truths that he identifies is that a well crafted vision will pull for its own fulfillment. He goes on to share the other attributes of a leader that make vision fulfillment possible. Sticky Leadership lays out the critical functions necessary to an effective leader. A must read.
- Al Ray
I've known Larry as a friend for over 20 years and he has been a personal inspiration to me on my journey at many points during that time. I am on a personal journey is establishing a new vision from now to the time that my time is over in this life time. this book has become a very important component in this process. I highly recommend it if you are thinking about doing better in your future than you have in your past. Here are some quotes from the book on page 26 that I have copied to my personal note book: Not sure if this is legal but I'm sure someone will let me know if it isn't. "Without a clear picture of a compelling future- one that seems as real as the present-we will never achieve the escape velocity we need to leave behind the disappointments of the past and safely reach the fulfillment ahead. A sharply defined vision calls our minds, hearts and actions to the new possibility clearly pictured by our compelling vision." "the process is built around the idea that what is ultimately important about any vision is its foundation. The anchoring points are what I call (key commitment areas)" Like most of you, I am in process. I sure am appreciating the thinking and 25 years, plus, of experience of business and personal consulting that Larry has put together in this book. Could not recommend it more highly to someone who really wants to make an impact in their personal or business life.
- Amazon.com review
Sticky Leadership offers a perspective on rallying your team around your mission that incorporates an enlightening, and perhaps uncomfortable, exercise in self-examination. The idea that the "kink in the hose" that slows or prevents the realization of our business and personal objectives is, quite often, ourselves. Filled with entertaining stories and anecdotes, Sticky Leadership is an easy read and is, perhaps, the next best thing to having Larry work directly with you and your team.
- Mark Herdering
Larry did an outstanding job in defining the essentials factors for a successful business.. Would highly recommend this book.
- Ivan Briggs
"Sticky Leadership" is not just a philosophical book, it's a road map and manual. It is a quick, easy read, but leaves you with specifics from which to work. You'll have to read it to learn about Mr. Briggs' "secret sauce," but it acknowledges a fundamental truth: "Leaders can have no influence over something unless they have a relationship to it." The book has helped me clarify to what it is I am committed, and how to find a game worth playing.
- Mark Bauer
Larry writes with heart, soul, and wisdom based in evidence and experience. Compelling read! I have notes all over the sides of my book and have worn out a highlighter. Those two things, for me, are markers of a great book. In addition, I have already included some of the concepts and quotations in current work. I will be recommending this book to my organization and sending to friends and family.
- Steve Clurman